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The word Nolmë derives from the fictional language Quenya as part of the mythopoeic legendarium created by J.R.R. Tolkein.

Nolmë means pursuing wisdom in a systematic manner, associated with ideas of science, research, and truth-seeking.

As an academic research and science communication organisation, Nolmë resonated with our vision and mission of navigating the unknown through careful scrutiny and deduction of what is readily available, while still remaining appreciative of all there is yet to discover.

This ideology is reinforced in the imagery of the owl, which is a symbol of wisdom in Greek mythology, and in our slogan “In Pursuit of Knowledge”. 

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Founder, Director

Assistant Professor | Organizational Psychologist | Researcher 

With work experience at the cusp of scholarship and praxis, Saloni has worked with private conglomerates of international standing, not-for-profit academic research organizations, as well as taught Psychology in a smattering of highly prestigious educational institutes. Her expertise ranges from Research Methodology & Statistics, Psychometric Scale Construction and Testing, Organizational Psychology, as well as Social and Cognitive psychology. 

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