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Why is conducting this study important? India's mental health landscape is currently underregulated. A large section of mental health service providers operate privately and independently. Mental Health Service Users (MHSUs) have the option to choose between various kinds of practitioners, with different educational backgrounds, trainings, who perform different functions are per their training specialisation and work experience.


This survey aims to understand MHSUs preferences and expectations of mental and behavioural health practitioners, as well as their experiences with them.

Who are they principal investigators: This study is being undertaken by the Mental Health Advocacy team at Nolmë Labs. Our objective is to make quality and affordable mental health care equitably accessible through research, policy, and advocacy.

What do I have to do?:

You will begin by providing some basic information about yourself, after which there are 4 sections, instructions for each section are given in the beginning. The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete. Please be as honest as possible.

In case you have been to multiple mental health practitioners, please respond keeping only one in mind at a time. 

Are there any risks in participating in this study?:

Participation will help inform a research study investigating experiences of mental health service users in India, common practices, ethical compliances, areas of improvement, which can help improve mental health services in India. You may respond completely anonymously by providing an alias or initials. There are no anticipated risks to participating in the study. 

What are the benefits of participating?: Participation will

  1. help platform survivors’ perspectives and lived experiences, and aid those currently contemplating self harm or suicide.

  2. initiate dialogue on the stigma around suicide, depression, and mental health. 

  3. help inform suicide awareness and prevention programmes, as well as peer support care for survivors

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