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Nolmë Labs Internship Programme

The Nolmë Labs Digital Internship Programme is designed to bring together qualified and talented individuals from diverse backgrounds to advance psychology research and bring mental health equity through our ongoing projects.

Who can Apply?

Students pursuing their Bachelors or Masters as well as PhD scholars can apply. Candidates' educational background and specialization is matched to the appropriate project. Students in junior college (+2) can apply for limited roles on a needs based requirement. Research Assistants are exclusively recruited from previously trained alumni of Nolmë Labs' Academic Research and Publishing 101 Training Programme.   

Areas of Opportunity 

We're always on the lookout for professionals who share the values espoused by Nolmë Labs and will be a good fit with our team. If you are curious, willing to learn on the job, and are looking for a fruitful partnership with us, apply to any of the following traineeship positions.

Psychometric Scale Construction

The Psychometrics team will work on end-to-end process of scale construction, including item generation, establishing various forms of reliability and validity, standardisation and norming, as well as cross cultural validation of mental health screening instruments under Nolme Labs' Project MAAP

Human Resources Management & Workplace Psychology

Devise and execute Business Development Strategy. Apply Workplace Psychology learnings to augment team performance and manage employee engagement. Support end-to-end HR processes under guidance of leaderhip

Necessary competences

  • Accountability, engages in open communication, is ethical, and maintains participant confidentiality

  • Proactive, resourceful and has a problem solving approach

  • Self motivated, works independently, can manage time 

  • Technologically Savvy: in using Microsoft Office, Google Docs/Sheets, research or HRM software, social media management, etc.

  • Eager to pick up new skills and apply trainings provided 

  • Cohesive with other team members

Research Assistantship

Research Assistants pursue qualitative, quantitative or mixed-methods research in collaboration with other members of the team. RAs undertake every stage of the research lifecycle from ideation, literature review, statistical analysis, academic writing while maintaining ethical standards as mandated by APA and other international guidelines. The studies are conducted with the objective of being published in scientific journals of international repute. RAs are exclusively recruited from trained cohorts of Nolme Labs Academic Research and Publishing 101 Training Programme.

Psychology, Behavior, Mental Health Solutions & Advocacy 

Strategise and execute mental health literacy and destigmatization campaigns designed in collaboration with the research team. Work on media based mental health advocacy projects platformed through podcasts, popular press writing and other media. Working in tandem with Mental Health and Psychology Professionals and Researchers to create bespoke mental health solutions for a range of stakeholders -- including education, corporate, governmental and NGOs.

Internship benefits

  • Opportunity to lead your own projects, author papers and be published (MHA & RA)

  • Access to internal skill based trainings and certificate courses 

  • Flexi-time, Remote, and Weekly Task/Deadline based work commitments

  • Support for Higher Education/Job Applications, and continuing Mentorship 

  • Letter of experience on completion of tenure 

  • Letter of recommendation based on performance

Nolmë Labs is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from persons of historically marginalised backgrounds.    

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