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Curiosity is the starting point of all great science. And research is the blueprint that enables scientific action.



Our team is currently collecting data for these psychological research studies. The studies are brief, fun, and for purely academic objectives. Participants must be Indians 18+ years old unless stated otherwise
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Do you like to swear? You can finally put those curse words to good use! Participate in this short study and help us understand swearing behaviours in Indians.

Have you ever been to a therapist? Fill out this survey to help us understand the consumer landscape for mental health services in India.

How do Indians reason when it comes to social, political, and economic values? Participate in the study and let us know!

Are you a student or independent scholar in need of guidance for a research study of your own? Connect with us through our contact form and we'll get back to you.


Read the latest popular science articles, written by our team and published in various outlets.

Saloni Diwakar for The Swaddle

Diwakar, S. (2019, May 20). Science and Religion Are Pretty Different, Actually | The Swaddle. The Swaddle.

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