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Suicide prevention & Crisis Hotlines

This is a free resource was curated by Nolmë Labs an academic research and science communication organisation (@nolmelabs on instagram). This is a list of suicide prevention helplines available in the states of India. with the intention to provide non-judgmental, intersectional and affirmative support resources by platforming the work of organizations dedicated to preventing suicide and providing crisis support. Given below are a few suggestions for those who wish to use the resources on this list. Please read them carefully before you proceed.

  1. The information on this list has been updated (as of January 2023) but there may have been changes to it from the time of creation to your time of access. We, therefore, suggest that you do your due diligence and take steps to protect your identity until you can find a therapist/ support group that you trust.

  2. We will continue to update this list regularly. Do inform us (email at in case you have a negative experience with any organisation(s) listed below, or would like to make an amendment to this list.

  3. The list has been created with the idea to give a platform for organizations who provide suicide prevention aid. We are therefore not liable for any negative experience or discrepancy.

  4. Pan-India resources are highlighted in green.

  5. This resource is best viewed on a desktop (and not a mobile phone). For an easier search experience, use the cntrl+F keys to navigate between the curated  NGOs, Support Groups, and Helplines

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