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MAAP ( माप) Project

Decolonising Psychology and Psychometrics


MAAP (Measurement Adaptation and Applied Psychometrics) is a programme by Nolmë Labs to create, culturally adapt, and validate mental health instruments to vernacular Indian languages, enabling linguistic inclusion in mainstream mental health programmes.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the purpose of the MAAP Initiative?

The purpose of the MAAP initiative is to create culturally adapted and translate psychometric tools originally in English to Hindi and other vernacular Indian languages. By doing so, we aim to make mental health research more inclusive and sensitive to the cultural context of non-English speaking Indians. Your valuable participation will help enhance mental health assessment tools for Indian nationals who do not speak English, and prefer vernacular languages are their chosen medium of expression while using mental health services, or while participating in mental health research.

Q2: How will my participation contribute to the study?

Your participation is crucial in refining the translated psychometric tools. By reviewing and providing feedback on the translations, you will ensure that the tools are culturally appropriate and linguistically accurate for Hindi speakers. We also want to ensure that the translated tools are simple enough to be understood by a wide range of people, without losing its inherent meaning and affecting it’s theoretical and practical applications. Your insights will help us create more effective mental health assessment resources for a diverse population.

Q3: What will be expected of me as a participant?

As a research participant, you will be asked to review and offer feedback on the translated psychometric tools. This may involve assessing the clarity, relevance, comprehensibility and appropriateness of the language used. Your feedback will be collected through questionnaires or interviews, depending on the study's design.

Q4: How will my privacy and confidentiality be protected?

Your privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us. All information collected during the study will be kept strictly confidential. Your identity will be anonymized, and data will be stored securely. Only the research team will have access to the data, and it will be used solely for research purposes. Once data collection is over, all identifying information will be deleted. For some studies, you may provide an alias or use initials to protect your identity.

Q.5 How long will the study take?

The duration of your involvement will depend on the specific research study in which you participate. Generally, your participation may involve filling out a set of questionnaires and providing feedback which could take a few minutes to an hour. Some research procedures require intermittent collection of data over a period of time, which might require your availability over a prolonged period for a few minutes at a time. The entire study is expected to be completed within a reasonable timeframe.

Q.6 What are the potential benefits of participating?

Your participation will make a positive contribution to non English-speaking beneficiaries of mental health services, and to the mental health research community. By contributing to culturally sensitive tools, you will aid in improving mental health assessments and support services for individuals who prefer vernacular Indian languages as their language of expression. Some projects might offer a monetary incentive as well.

Q.7 Will I be informed about the study's results?

Yes, the overall findings and outcomes of the study will be shared with all participants who express an interest in receiving the results in the form of a research publication. No individual data will be shared. Your contributions are valuable, and we want to keep you informed about how your participation has contributed to the research.

Q.8 Can I contact the research team if I have additional questions?

The research team will be accessible to all participants in case of queries. If you have any further questions or need clarification about a study you wish to participate in, you can email us at We are more than happy to address any queries you may have.

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